Lab & Blends


An oilfield cementing laboratory is where a team of experts research and develop different cement mixtures and technology to find the best quality blend. The testing of new cement blends and administering quality control for existing blends also takes place here.

Magnum’s cement lab is designed to conduct all the recommended API testing procedures for primary and remedial cementing.

Specific testing includes:

  • Compressive Strengths
  • Fluid Loss
  • Rheology Tests
  • Thickening Times
  • Water Analysis


Blends are specifically formulated cement mixtures with special additives that suit the needs of the location a company is working on. There are many different types of cement blends that are specially formulated in our laboratory.

Magnum offers the traditional blends from 2100 density kick-off to 1300 density light-weight cement, all suited for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin as well as our own proprietary blends and specialized additives.