Mission, Vision & Values


“Service with Integrity”

Our goal is to provide a service that goes beyond our customer’s expectations, through constant innovation, and reliable, honest communication.

We believe in focussing on the needs and safety of our employees and customers in all situations and with every service.

What that means to our customer:

  • Superior servicepump-people and pumjack
  • A management and operations team that values unmatched communication from programming to execution to follow-up
  • An understanding of their values and goals
  • A management team that fully understands the service line
  • Being a priority to our company whether they are a junior cap or major producer
  • Making every customer a priority whether the market is busy or slow

What that means to our employees:

  • Strong support of family values and the importance of the work and home life balance
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Value and recognition of their hard work
  • Accountabilty in all aspects of the work place
  • Safe & positive work environment

” To be the best pumping service company in Western Canada”

Magnum continues to expand today to meet our clients requirements for a company dedicated to providing the highest quality cementing personnel, service, equipment, and products in Western Canada.

Our team strives to expand and develop by:

Measuring and setting goals

Accepting and embracing change

Growing personally and professionally

Never giving up

Understanding and prioritizing what needs to get done

Making work positive and fun


Core Values

  1. Family
  2. Safety
  3. Integrity
  4. Accountability
  5. Continuous Improvement